What Photos Are Required?

If you are a top or vers/top, you are required to post a photo of your hard cock. It is preferred that your required cock photo shows your cock alongside a ruler or other Fraternity-approved item of size comparison. You should also write your username and the current date on a piece of paper to put alongside your cock so we know it’s you and not some pornstar’s pic you snagged off the net!

If you are a bottom, you must post a photo of your ass. Try to use one that shows your entire ass, cheeks and all, and not just your perky little pucker hole.

What About Face & Body Pics?

Absolutely! After you have posted your required cock or ass shot, you may post up to 3 other photos. They may be of your cock/ass, or of your face or your body. Face & body pics are optional, but they must be recent, and they must be of you. They may depict you clothed or naked, and they may show you wearing sunglasses if you prefer.

Which Photos Are Prohibited?

The rules set forth by the web host prohibit “pornographic” photos, which they describe as any photo depicting sexual acts. Nude photos are permitted. But you may not show anal penetration, cock sucking, masturbation, or any photo which depicts other objects being inserted into your ass, mouth, or cock (eg: sex toys, fingers, fists, food items, etc.)

You may not post any photo which depicts or includes a minor under 18 years of age.

This isn’t Grindr. In addition to the web host’s restrictions, the 8-Plus Men’s Fraternity also prohibits photographs of buildings, landscapes, automobiles, food, the heavens, T-shirt slogans, bumper stickers, artwork, signs, animals, etc. Any photo that depicts or includes a naked female is also forbidden. Extreme close-up photos that are not easily recognizable as you are also forbidden. Photos must be of YOU, they must be RECENT, and they must be CLEAR.

If you post photographs that violate these rules, the photos that violate these terms will be removed. If any of your photos include a minor or a female, your account will be terminated immediately without further warning. So the best answer is JUST DON’T DO IT!